The 2nd International Workshop on
Physics Based Vision meets Deep Learning (PBDL)
In Conjunction with ICCV 2019, November 2, Seoul, Korea
Following the success of 1st ICCV Workshop on Physics Based Vision meets Deep Learning (PBDL2017). We propose the 2nd workshop using the same title and topics with ICCV 2019, and co-organize the Hyperspectral City Challenge.

Evaluation Metric

In the challenge, we use mean Intersection over Union as the evaluation metric.

Format of Submission

To submit your result, you are required to submit a $.zip$ file. You may pickup any name for the zip file.

Format of Filenames
Within the zip file, you are required to name each of the segmentation result using the same name as the folder name. For example, the segmentation result for folder named:


should be


All the png files should be under the same folder, there should be no subfolders in your submission.

Format of Images
You are required to submit you segmentation result using the specified code of color. The segmentation result should be stored as png image. Specifically, 8-bit, single channel, L mode png format.

The color code should be the same as provided in Fig.4.

Fig.4. A summary of dataset label


The challenge is closed.